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Tailored Waxing Services in Savnnah for Men and Women - Experience Flawless Skin from Head to Toe

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At Milan Day Spa, we're committed to helping every individual embrace the confidence that comes with flawlessly smooth skin. Catering to both men and women, our extensive range of waxing services spans from intimate bikini and Brazilian treatments to comprehensive offerings for arms, legs, back, upper body, and face.

Our skilled estheticians employ expert techniques and top-tier products to ensure minimal discomfort and maximum satisfaction. Every session is conducted within a serene environment, emphasizing personalized care, safety, and hygiene. Whether you're preparing for a special event or simply indulging in routine grooming,

Milan Day Spa offers a unique blend of luxury and comfort, ensuring each waxing experience is both rejuvenating and memorable. Dive deeper into our offerings and discover the impeccable waxing practices that set us apart.

About our Waxing treaments

Bikini Waxing

Achieve a clean and defined look perfect for swimwear season with our bikini waxing service. We gently remove hair outside the panty line, ensuring a smooth and comfortable finish, leaving you ready to confidently strut your stuff on the beach or by the pool.

Pricing Options:

 Bikini & Bum $65 
 Bikini Only $45 

Brazilian Waxing

For those seeking a more thorough hair removal, our Brazilian waxing service is the answer. We meticulously remove all hair from the front to the back, or leave a small strip or triangle upon request, ensuring a sleek and soft finish that's perfect for any intimate occasion.

Pricing Options:

New Client 
Women's $80
Men's $100

Return Client 
Women's $70
Men's $90

Arm Waxing

Flaunt your arms with confidence after our arm waxing service. Whether it's sleeveless dresses or tank tops on your mind, we make sure every inch of your arm is smooth, from your shoulders down to your wrists.

Pricing Options:

 Half Arm $35 
 Full Arm $70 
 Underarm $35

Leg Waxing

Step out with silky, hair-free legs courtesy of our leg waxing service. From the upper thigh to the tips of your toes, we ensure an even and thorough hair removal, perfect for those summer dresses or just the liberating feel of smooth skin.

Pricing Options:

Full Leg $90 
 Half Leg $50 
 Inner Thigh $20

Back & Upper Body

Our back and upper body waxing service is tailored for those who desire a hairless and polished upper torso. From the broad expanse of the back to the delicate areas around the shoulders, we guarantee a smooth and rejuvenating experience, boosting confidence in any outfit.

Pricing Options:

 Full back $65
 Half back $35 
 Chest and Tummy $75

Facial Waxing

Embrace a radiant and smooth facial appearance with our facial waxing service. We delicately remove unwanted hair from areas like the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and sides of the face, ensuring a bright and clean look that accentuates your natural beauty.

Pricing Options:

 Full face $55 
 Brow $25 
 Lip, Nostrils, Ears $20 each 

Brazilian Bestie

Your Brazilian Waxes best friend. This treatment will resurface & replenish your lady garden. Starting off with a general cleanse & a deep exfoliation, followed by an intensive aftercare hydro jelly mask & a high-frequency treatment, which kills any stubborn bacteria under the skin. This service will help reduce ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation & relieve any inflammation that can come with waxing.  

Pricing Options:

Full Service $70 
 Brazilian wax Add-On $45

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